Charon Technologies
Creative Direction & Website

Charon Technologies produces a wide range of commercial and government-focused products for mobile, data, and internet security. They needed a new website and creative marketing to focus their brand’s direction.

Creative Process

At first blush, Charon Technologies lacked cohesion in their messaging due to the breadth of products and services offered. During our initial discussions, I kept hearing the phrase “we solve really hard problems.” This really resonated with me, but we needed to make it work without sounding like every other technology company out there.

I researched the meaning behind “Charon” and found it was rooted in Greek mythology. Then it clicked. The hardest problem of the ancient world was the Gordian Knot. I proposed this concept to their staff content strategist, and we built the site's marketing around this idea.


Charon Technologies new slogan “Bring us your Gordian Knot“ contained a vivid story element, so I created hero-vignettes at the top of each section that included a drop cap letter and bold typography.

Charon Technologies website shown on laptop and iPhone. Screenshots from Charon Technologies' website.


A few print project arose as follow-on work. I collaborated with Charon’s in-house 3D designer, who produced the beautiful renderings.