Incendiary Software
Brand & Website

Incendiary Software is a start-up mobile software and game company who needed a brand identity and web presence.

Brand Process

Incendiary Software knew they wanted something fun and playful without being juvenile. Fans of Japanese anime, especially Studio Ghibli Films like Howl’s Flying Castle, I drew upon fire caricatures and how Japanese culture personifies the inanimate in the cutest ways. The end result is a slightly pudgy, friendly mascot we named “Burnard.”

Early sketches of Burnard

Three of my original sketches of Burnard.

Identity exercise fun

Highlighting some of Burnard’s features.
Incendiary Software primary logo with Burnard standing.
Incendiary Software secondary logo with Burnard in a circle; center layout.
Incendiary Software secondary logo with Burnard in a circle; horizontal layout.


Incendiary Software’s website is chock-full of whimsy from the custom avatars to the quirky pattern. They wanted a place to express their company values, provide notice of upcoming releases, as well as drive people to their social media accounts. In the future, there are plans to expand the site with a blog and product marketing.

Incendiary Software website shown on laptop and iPhone.