MichelePhi Brand & Website

MichelePhi is a boutique jewelry retailer lead by Phuong Wilkerson. I was hired to develop a brand and web presence spanning from her website to Etsy.

Brand Process

Phuong values her ability to provide high-end jewelry made from quality, all-natural materials without cutting corners. Her goals were to grow her brand to be sold in artistic boutiques. Phuong possesses a vast knowledge of minerals and stones, so I wanted to ensure the MichelePhi logo showcased her expertise and values.

Her original logomark was a shell motif. My approach was to reinvent the shell motif and blend a crystal formation into an abstract form.

Collage of various quartz crystal clusters.
MichelePhi logo with a vertical layout.
MichelePhi logo with a horizontal layout.


MichelePhi website design was clean and minimal. The goal was to provide a place for boutique owners to learn more about Phuong’s jewelry, find her at jewelry shows, and serve as a portfolio of work.

MichelePhi website shown on laptop and iPhone. Screenshots from MichelePhi's website.